Why Did I start this Blog?

So who am I, and why in the world would I ever want to start a blog when there are so many others out there? Read on for the answers…

Who am I?

Although you can find out more in the About Me section of this site, the short version is that I wear many hats, some of which people generally assume don’t belong on the same head. For example, my favorite subject to write poetry about is astronomy. (I hear you, “So, you’re a poet of the Walt Whitman variety. There’s lots of that on the Internet, move along, move along.”) Not so fast! When you go deeper, there is more to this story. Unlike some (but not all) poets, I take the weird Al White and Nerdy song to heart and “do vector calculus [and lots of other math] for fun”.

Why did I Start this Blog?

As you can see from the preceding paragraph, lots of interesting combinations happen when you get a literary mind and a scientific one together in the same person. I love space exploration, technology, and physics, yet also have a huge appreciation for just the right wording in a well-written book. I am trying to show that these ideas are not mutually exclusive; they do occur together, with some frequency. (See the science fiction authors who were also scientists and engineers–I’m looking at you, Robert Heinlein.) So poetry about science? Definitely here. Cool musings about the space and tech communities? You’ll probably find that here too, though I’m not guaranteeing any frequency or timelines. I also love helping others and if I have a hard time with something, I really want that person that comes after me to have an easier time, so I’ll of course pass on nuggets of wisdom. That’s why some of the pages on here might be quite technical in nature; I’ll at the very least provide a link where you can delve deeper and learn more on your own.

Bottom Line

Learning is the goal. I plan to tackle a lot in this blog, but hope each and every one of my readers will come away knowing something they didn’t know before. So if you like the very small (protons and photons) or very large (galaxies and superclusters), you’ll find a home here. If that last sentence turned you off because you don’t know what the difference between a proton and a photon is, don’t fret! (The former is a constituent of all matter, while the latter is a light particle.) see what I did there? Knowledge!

Enjoy, and thanks for coming with me on this awesome journey!

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