I’m Back with a new series

There’s a line in the song “Without Me” by Eminem (youtube, clean version) that goes: Guess who’s back, back again, Shady’s back, tell a friend. Replace “shady” with “Chelsea” (see? Even the same number of syllables) and that’s how I feel now, writing this. I’ve been away from blogging far too long. Of course, I […]

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Review: Twelve South’s Fermata Charges Wireless Headphones Unconventionally but Very cleverly

Today, i’m going to tell you about a product from a company who is quickly becoming my favorite (next to Apple, of course). It is the Fermata headphone charging stand manufactured by twelve south. Twelve South has a reputation for making great accessories that complement Apple devices very nicely, and this headphone stand is no […]

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The bridge Builder

I came across this poem while going through some old emails and wanted to re-post it because it has significance for me and others like me. The poem is “The bridge builder” by Will Allen Dromgoole. I’ve read several versions online with words changed here and there, so will just give a link to the […]

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Laika: the Space Dog

This week sure brings a lot of space news! I’m currently working on a post about Sputnik I, but the Russians didn’t stop there. They launched the first dog into orbit in 1957. Her name was Laika, and as this Newsweek piece points out, she was not the first animal in space…but the first one […]

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