The bridge Builder

I came across this poem while going through some old emails and wanted to re-post it because it has significance for me and others like me. The poem is “The bridge builder” by Will Allen Dromgoole. I’ve read several versions online with words changed here and there, so will just give a link to the Poetry version, and explain its main message below.

Meaning of “The Bridge Builder”

This poem is all about mentors. I was first introduced to this poem by way of a NASA mentor who has continued to guide me far past the end of my internship there. I have had the honor of serving in both roles (mentor and mentee) in my work with the National federation of the blind. And then there are all the professors and instructors who helped me attain my physics degree. I am lucky enough to have mentors and friends spanning this great country, from the East coast to the West Coast. So for all those mentors, colleagues, friends, and fellow bridge builders: this one is for you.

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