I’m Back with a new series

There’s a line in the song “Without Me” by Eminem (youtube, clean version) that goes:

Guess who’s back, back again,

Shady’s back, tell a friend.

Replace “shady” with “Chelsea” (see? Even the same number of syllables) and that’s how I feel now, writing this. I’ve been away from blogging far too long. Of course, I had good reasons:

  • Getting serious about finishing my novel [1]
  • Competitive sport (rock) climbing (in ohio, and this year, Austria)
  • Starting a new job, and
  • Moving closer to said new job.

So yeah, kind of busy…

But that all changes! I’m starting a new series called, “Books I’m reading,” wherein I talk about an interesting book I’ve recently read or am in the process of reading. (I’ll probably include books I’ve read in the past too, particularly if they have good stories, are well-written, or especially both.) In my tagline, I say this is also a blog about writing, and there have been scant posts about me writing lately. So here’s to a hot cup of tea or coffee ☕️, a nice cozy chair (fireplace not required), and a stack of recommended books! 📚

Oh, and to quote Eminem again:

It feels so good to be back! [2]

  1. Still very much a work in progress–you’ll defenintely know when it’s done (and more importantly) when it’s out!  ↩
  2. From the beginning of “Square Dance,” on the album, “The Eminem Sho”.  ↩

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